Graduate Program

The Computer Science Department participates in the Masters in Applied Mathematics. Our professors offer several graduate courses and direct the research of students of this program. You can take these courses without being enrolled in the Graduate Program by applying for a study permit or transitory studies. If you want to apply for the Masters Program there are excellent financial aid opportunities.

Program Courses Offered by CCOM Professors

MATE6680 - Computational Analysis I (Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics) (3 )

MATE6681 - Data Structures I (Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics) (3 )

MATE6682 - Algorithms (3 )

MATE6682 - Data Structures II (3 )

MATE6690 - Computational Analysis II (Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics) (3 )

MATE6882 - Optimization (3 )

MATE8990 - Algorithms for Molecular Biology (3 )

More Information

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        Carlos Corrada
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