Job opening: sysadmin at UPR High Performance Computing facility

The UPR HPCf is seeking a system administrator to collaborate with research scientists on high performance computing systems for simulation, data analysis and visualization of computational nanoscience.

Successful applicants will have a degree in computer science or related area and experience in programming and systems analysis. Required skills are systems programming language experience (C /C++) and experience developing for UNIX or linux. Ideal candidates will have experience with high performance computing, distributed computing, or large UNIX installations.

The applicant will perform duties such as:

  1. Monitor and adjust the performance and availability of computational resources for storage, processing and publishing research results.
  2. Analyze, design, implement and deliver resources for the storage and dissemination of research results in collaboration with HPCf staff, the HPCf research community, and the international scientific community.
  3. System administration work on UNIX workstations, supercomputers, and database servers at the HPCf including account creation and system configuration
  4. Collaborates with researchers and students within and outside the UPR on research projects relevant to the HPCf (the HPCf research community), analyzing their research problems and recommending information technology solutions.
  5. Read relevant research papers in scientific computing, in order to design, adapt and implement software for the solution of research problems in the HPCf community.
  6. Coordinate training for members of the HPCf research community in the proper use of high performance computing resources.

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Posted September 16, 2014 by Humberto G. Ortiz Zuazaga