Fundamental Structures of Computer Science (CCOM3030)

Latest Course Syllabus-ABET Style () (PDF)

Credits: 3
Students should take this course at: 1st Year - 1st Semester


This course is designed for students who attend their first semester in the Computer Science or Mathematics program. It provides a panoramic view of the Computer Science through a specific area (e.g. data bases, operating systems, networks, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics). It presents a foundation that allows to appreciate the relevance as well as the interrelation among different subjects of Computer Science. It provides an introduction to skills related to problem solving.


  • History of computers and their impact in society

  • Numeric systems

  • Boolean algebra and logic circuits

  • Data representation

  • Introduction to computer systems

  • Algorithms and programming

  • Student reports on a topic of Computer Science


  • Understand how computers can be used to solve problems and tasks

  • Understand the fundamentals of computer systems

  • Prepare an oral and written presentation about a topic in Computer Science

  • Write algorithms using different techniques, as flowcharts, pseudocodes and a high level language

  • Formulate problems and present solutions to them

  • Understand how different areas of Computer Science relate to each other to create solutions to problems

  • Use control structures of a programming language to code algorithms