Discrete Mathematics (CCOM3020)

Latest Course Syllabus-ABET Style () (PDF)

Credits: 3
Students should take this course at: 1st Year - 2nd Semester


This course is designed for students who attend their first or second year in the Computer Science program or a Mathematics program. In this course students will learn techniques to produce elementary mathematical demonstrations. The course also will introduce students to topics related to sets or processes that can be enumerated or associated with subsets of the natural numbers. The topics that will be discussed will be necessary for the other courses in mathematics and computer science.


  • Logic and proofs

  • Sets and relations

  • Functions

  • Integers

  • Induction and Recursion

  • Principles of Counting, Combinatorics and Discrete Probability

  • Graphs and Trees


  • The student will learn the basics of mathematical reasoning and logic.

  • The student will be able to do elementary proofs on the topics learned in the course.

  • The student will know about the basic concepts and methods of discrete mathematics and its applications.

  • The student will be able to use sets, its operations and relations to structure data, understand and solve mathematical problems.

  • The student will know different types of relations and functions between sets and how to represent them.

  • The student will know concepts and algorithms related the integers.

  • The student will know and will be able to use mathematical induction to establish recurrence relations.

  • The student will know basic counting techniques and will be able to solve problems in combinatorics and discrete probability.

  • The student will know basic concepts, algorithms and problems on graphs and trees and how to use these structures to organize and process data.

  • The student will apply the concepts learned in class to solve problems.