Computer Networks (CCOM4205)

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Credits: 3
Students should take this course at: Elective


Growth of computer networks in the past few decades has been spectacular. The key force behind such amazing growth is network applications on which our society has become increasingly dependent. One of the more outstanding application examples is the World Wide Web, which is used for finances, information propagation, entertainment, etc. However, todays rapid technology expansion enabled a new set of devices to enter the arena of computer networks. The dominant new player is the cellphone. Today the ability to carry a voice conversation via a cellphone is only on of the plethora of services provided by a modern cellphone, for example, SMS, picture and video, web access, GPS, etc.


  • Application Layer

  • Transport Layer

  • Network Layer

  • Link Layer and Local Area Networks

  • Wireless and Mobile Networks

  • Multimedia Networking

  • Security in Computer Networks