Graph Teory (MATE4995)

Latest Course Syllabus-ABET Style () (PDF)

Credits: 3
Students should take this course at: Elective


Graph theory in mathematics and science. Different types of graphs. Graph operations and subgraphs. Graph isomorphisms and automorphisms. Counting of graphs of certain types. Travelling in a graph. Binary relations and graphs. Functions, permutations and graphs. Graph discriptions. Vertex degrees in a graph. Various decompositions of graphs. Disjoint paths in a 2-connected graph. Assembling and disassembling of connected and 2-connected graphs. Trees. Spanning trees of a graph. Enumerating spanning trees of a graph. Bipartite graphs. Euler tours and a criterion of their existance. Labyrinth problem. Graph planarity. Matchings and coverings in bipartite graphs. Vertex colorings of graphs. Edge coloring problem for certain classes of graphs. Ramsey's theorem. Turan's theorem.