Introduction To Data Management (CCOM4027)

Latest Course Syllabus-ABET Style () (PDF)

Credits: 3
Students should take this course at: 2nd Year - 2nd Semester

Pre-requisite: Data Structures (CCOM3034)


Introduction to the basic concepts of the organization and management of files on secondary storage media. Introductory data base concepts. Techniques for the management of internal and external files: searching, sorting, updating, compressing, deleting, and merging. File organization on direct and sequential access storage devices. The student will carry out programming projects in which the concepts of the course are implemented.


  • Introduction to Database Design

  • The Relational Model

  • Relational Algebra and Calculus

  • SQL: Queries, Constraints, Triggers

  • Schema Refinement and Normal Forms

  • Overview of Query Evaluation

  • Overview of Storage and Indexing

  • Database Application Development

  • Internet Applications


  • Understand the elements of designing a Database system

  • Identify, evaluate and organize the necessary information to design a database system

  • Understand and use queries in relational algebra and calculus

  • Understand how databases systems organize the physical data

  • Understand the importance of backup and recovery

  • Develop a database system to handle a real world problem

  • Study a topic in databases independently

  • Work in teams to develop a project

  • Develop normalization techniques

  • Use the Standard Query Language both as a query language and a data description language