Parallel Processing (CCOM5060)

Latest Course Syllabus-ABET Style () (PDF)

Credits: 3
Students should take this course at: Elective

Pre-requisite: Design And Analysis Of Algorithms (CCOM5050)


This course is designed for students who attend their first semester in the COmputer Science program. This course offers a broad vision of parallel systems by covering the following topics. Fundamental concepts of parallel computing and parallel architectures, distributed-memory (message-passing) and shared-memory programming, parallel algorithm design, implementation, benchmarking and performance analysis: performance metrics, scalability and running times. This course discusses standard tools used in high performance applications, message-passing, shared-memory programming, and hybrid paradigms of theses, as well as high level tools such as functional languages. This course also pretends to ethical issues related to the use of parallel computation.


  • Parallel Architectures

  • Parallel Algorithm Design

  • Message-Passing Programming

  • Applications

  • Performance Analysis

  • Matrix-vector multiplication

  • Sorting

  • The Fast Fourier Transform

  • Shared-memory Programming

  • Applications