Talk cycle of Computer Science students

From April 16 to May 6 our undergraduate students gave conferences about their research throughout the semester. Between the participants were:

  • Clara Cruz – "El desarrollo de una infraestructura para datos geoespaciales"
  • Guillermo Fontanez – "Parameter Estimation for Mathematical Models of Potassium–Chloride Cotransporters"
  • Guillermo Davila – "A VHDL–FPGA Implementation of Mastrovito Multipliers"
  • Joel Quiles – "Optimized Strategies for the Mastermind Game"
  • Reynaldo Lopez – "Condor as a solution for Highly Computational Tasks"
  • Alberto Estrada, Nizar Khalife, Pedro Pastrana – "Automated Species Identification"
  • Jose Farrington – "A Special Case of Reduced LInear Modular Systems"
  • Jeranfer Bermudez, Richard Garcia, Lourdes Morales – "Some Properties of Latin Squares"

Posted October 28, 2009 by Computer Science Department