Our Students at PRISM 2012

The Puerto Rico Interdisciplinary Scientific Meeting is the annual island wide forum for undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students to present their research projects. For the past 20 years, PR-LSAMP has co-sponsored this activity, together with the local chapter of the American Schemical Society. More than 6,000 research projects have benn presented during this time period. This year's PRISM took place at UPR-Carolina on March 10, 2012. Our students attended and talked about their research projects: 1) Talk: "Assembly of Next-Generation Sequences from Sea Cucumber" by Amy Ruiz-Goyco. 2) Talk: "A  Web Implementation on Scheme" by Edwardo Rivera. 3) Talk: "Periods of SCCs: A Functional Programming Approach" by José Carlos Bonilla. 4) Talk: "Porting of HDL Laboratory Experiences to Verilog" by Erika Zayas. 5) Talk: "Enumeration of Three-Dimensional Costas Arrays" by Tahirí Laboy. 6) Talk: "Netflow Data Visualization Framework with Custom Queries" by Albert E. Maldonado. 6) Talk: "Accelerating a Mutational Robustness Algorithm using FPGAs" by Agnes Ramos Beauchamp. 7) Talk: "Problema de Waring en Cuerpos Finitos" by Alex Santos. 8) Talk: "RockSatX: Gas Mass Spectroscopy on the Thermosphere" by Pedro Melendez. 

Posted March 27, 2012 by Computer Science Department